Yahoo! for true love


Kristing Marthaler And Crystal Hohenthaner

We all know that we can find certain things like the biography of a president, symptoms of disease and critical articles of poets can be found on the Internet. What about true love? Well, now you can Google it!

I know, I didn’t believe it either.

The other day a friend and I visited and told me she had signed up for Yahoo Personals. My response was a mere “ptsh.”

Who in their right mind would put their whole life on the Internet and share it with others?

As it turns out,I would!

I’m always up for new experiences so I thought I would give it a try. I wanted to see how many responses I would get. Kind of like a self-esteem booster.

However, I wasn’t prepared for the possibility of no replies at all. And let me just tell you, the effect was the opposite of a self-esteem boost.

And, although I had not planned on connecting for anyone during this adventure, I actually fell for someone on the Internet.

The Fall

With a simple “Bring Bring,” from the computer there popped up a message, “Have some free time? I’d like to talk!”

“Of course,” I replied.

You never know who is on the other end, after all.

Mr. Free Time and I began chatting, and I found we had a lot in common.

Of course we talked about the general things at first. The Internet isn’t completely safe after all and if you give out to much information right away, it could lead to bad news.

The more often we talked, the more often I found myself wanting to see if he was online. Finally – after a week and a half – we decided to meet.

The Hook-up

Now when meeting a stranger who could turn out to be a serial killer, you have to take certain precautions.

For example, Mr. Free Time and I met in a public place. Plus, I only gave out my first name, and I made sure we sat in the busiest section of the restaurant.

You also might want to make sure that you tell someone every place you plan on being and what time you’ll be there.

With all these precautions out of the way I was free to have a good time with my on-line Romeo.

And I did.

We hit it off right away, and because of our earlier conversations online, we had plenty to talk about.

Beyond that, we had a certain bond and we just connected.

And now I wonder, would I have met this guy just been walking down the street?

I have no idea. But I’m glad I took the chance.

The Options

If you’re ready to take a chance too you have a big pool of rescources in the Internet.

I chose Yahoo! Personals, but there are tons of other online services with a wide variety of possible dates, and maybe even true love, waiting for you.

You can join many of these for fre for a time. For example will allow you to take a personality test, fill out a profile and even download pictures before they ask for any money.

You can get matches for free and you only have to pay if you want to begin communicating with your matches.

The price to begin communication on EHarmony is rather high – $39.95 per month – but they do offer discounts for extended plans. Plus, most of the good services run about $30 to $40 per month. is another service that lets you operate through their system for free for a time. And, currently women can even communicate with men for free. also offers a personality profile and lets you know how likely a you are to be a match with different members.

A benifit that True offers beyond EHarmony is an assesment of your personality that lets you know your strengths and weaknesses. Plus, True does backround checks on all its members and guarantees that no one is married.

However, some will prefer EHarmony because it offers a more in-depth assesment of spiritual matters and takes into account belief systems to a greater degree than True.

If you decide to try out either of these sites be prepared to at least spend a bit of time taking the online personality test and make sure your pop-up blockers are off. (I had to try to take True’s test five times before I got my Internet settings right.)

Neither test is too hard and it is clear after taking either that it may be the safest way to date. Someone else screens your dates for you!