This decade’s hottest jobs

Victoria Riggs

Victoria Riggs

With graduation and summer break on the horizon, the quest for jobs will soon be on in full force. A bit of research has turned up some suggestions for where to look for jobs more sizzling hot than a fast food grill.

According to a Reader’s Digest article, the hottest jobs currently available are in the areas of health care, technology, financial services, security and information management.

With baby boomers coming of age 60, a demand for health care support services will spike by about 2010. Present indicators show that the demand will not be met. Most needed are surgical technologists ($35,000 salary); health care administrators ($70,000 salary); and male and female registered nurses ($49,000 salary – with nurse anesthetists earning $125,000).

With technology making the world go round, close to 1 million computer support and data-processing jobs will be available by 2010. The highest demand is for computer troubleshooters ($30, 000 salary); equipment product managers ($90,000 salary); and video-game developers ($40,000 – $200,000 salary).

The field of financial services needs to accrue interest in more personnel to manage retiring baby boomers’ hatching nest eggs. A projected 350,000 jobs will be created by 2010 for claims adjusters ($43,000 salary); financial advisors ($78,000 salary); and financial analysts ($67,000 salary).

The increase in personal and commercial security measures is creating significant job security for security-equipment installers ($23,000 – $52,000 salary); quality-assurance managers ($70,000 salary); and researchers for private investigators ($25,000 – $50,000 salary).

Those who can gather, organize and present information to others are like on-ramps to the information highway. The most demand will be for medical records technicians ($40,000 salary); seminar leaders ($50,000 salary); and technical writers ($43,000 salary).

The hottest jobs for the decade will be in medical, informational, financial, security, and computer technology. Interested persons please review list and adjust class schedules accordingly.