Feb. 14 declared Single Awareness Day

Kristin Marthaler

Kristin Marthaler

With St. Valentines Day coming up it is drilled into our heads over and over how we need to be giving to that significant other.

If you are single and haven’t noticed, everything you look at is in pairs. You go to the freezer, and what do you see, two ice cubes left, sitting so cute next to each other looking all in love.

Slamming the freezer door you turn to go to the television and what do you find? For once, since the invention of the television, your remotes are together. Sitting there side by side.

Could they EVER choose another day to finally be next to each other? Why this day?

This year isn’t going to be any different then any other lame Valentine’s where you have to flaunt how much you like someone. All it really ends up being is some competition about what girl got the best present. Also this is usually the holiday to propose. How can you beat that gift? “Hey honey I love you, Here’s me for the rest of your life.” I mean, come on, buy a candy bar!

Saying this all in good humor, reminds me to look at the other side of, ‘love.’

Those times when you find someone that you love being around, you don’t get mad when they steal food off your plate, or when they snore right next to your ear. When they pick their nose in public, and you think it is so adorable. But girls, just keep in mind for this upcoming holiday. Don’t rush the feelings.

There is no point in pretending to fall for someone just to get a box of chocolates. The day after Valentines Day they will be on sale and you can get as many as you want!

If you don’t have a significant other when the lovely day arrives, take this time to remind everyone in your life how much you love him or her. Don’t forget about your roommates who deal with you day in day out. You may be dating a man, but he sees you after your shower, after the make-up, and after the caffeine. Maybe for once, let your roommates know how much you are glad they stuck around, before the shower, before the make-up and before the caffeine. Those are the friendships that are going to be with you forever regardless of how your holiday turns out.

Men, that goes the same for you. I’m not asking you to hand your man friend a rose or a box of chocolates (ha ha). All I am asking is, if your man friend is alone, help the big guy out, send him a free pizza or hook him up with some drinks for the night.

I guess all in all this day doesn’t have to be as horrible as we all drag it out to be. On Tuesday, our ice cubes will still be in pairs, our remotes will have gotten a divorce and be hiding once again, and you will still either be madly in love, engaged, or totally single.