Student budget dates

Kristin Marthaler

Kristin Marthaler

Being in college is no longer an excuse for not being able to afford to date.

When considering a date, a thoughts of: Dressing up, expensive restaurants, spending money, going to a movie, spending money, maybe hitting the bars afterwards, and spending money probably come to mind.

Having fun and pleasing your partner does cost money, not necessarily a lot of it, though.

Start eating around noon or before 5 p.m. Buffets and expensive restaurants have lower prices then, or on weekdays.

Since you will be eating so early, take an hour or so and drive to a park, such as McCrory Gardens in Brookings. Going for a nice romantic walk, then sitting on a bench for a while will give the two of you some time to talk and learn more about each other. Your date will appreciate this romantic gesture. It shows you want to spend time with him or her.

Also, you could still take in a matinee movie. Those are also a few dollars cheaper.

Some words of caution: If your partner asks why you are doing all this so early in the day, don’t respond with, “Because it’s cheaper.” Respond with, “Because this way, I get to spend more time with you.”

If the date doesn’t go very well, at least you will have the last half of the evening to get something else accomplished.