Courtside fans crazy for game

Brent Clouser

Brent Clouser

Everyone notices the fans that get the courtside seats for the men’s and women’s basketball games, but who exactly are these people and how did they get the best seats in the arena?

Most of them are season ticket holders and have contributed to the university for a long time. Priority points built up from contributions to SDSU give season ticket holders courtside privileges at Frost Arena.

You might think after hearing how they landed the seats that they are only there because they have courtside seats. That isn’t the case with these die-hard fans.

They are there for the same reason as most of the devoted students. They simply love the game of basketball and supporting the teams. At every game, the same fans are recognizable and are sure to fill the arena with their support. Most of the fans are lifelong Jackrabbit fans. They have been coming to games for as long as they can remember.

Brookings resident Bert Neiber has been coming to games for the last eighteen years and has been sitting in the front row for the last five.

“I just love basketball and women’s sports and love being able to be this close and support the team,” Neiber said.

Many of the players recognize and talk to the fans sitting courtside. Some even made their way over to Neiber during warm-ups to visit for a few minutes.

Mike Carlson, life-long Brookings resident and Jackrabbit fan, has been attending games since he was a student and has been a season ticket holder since the 1983-84 season. He loves having courtside seats to all the games.

“I love being up so close and feeling the emotions of the players and the spirit is felt so much more when you are this close to the action,” Carlson said.

He enjoys supporting the players with high-fives as they go on and off the court. He said it’s important to show appreciation to the athletes for all of their hard work.

These fans come to games a half-hour or more before the game begins. Some fans have even missed important events just so they wouldn’t miss a game. One fan missed a recognition banquet for work because he would rather come and support the Jacks than go to something that was about himself.

The fans are there for one simple reason, the love of the game and the team.

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