Students have options when it comes to break

Amy Barrick

Amy Barrick

Spring Break – with no classes, few demands and ignored homework for an entire week – it can be the highlight of a college student’s second semester.

Many students spend spring break with family, at work lounging in front of the TV. However, the blissful break of the spring semester can also be a college student’s (and MTV’s) wild dream.

Traditionally, tropical destinations, such as Cancun and Mazatlan, are favorite escapes for students, especially in these northern states. However, many students opt for a city getaway in places such as New York, Seattle or the City of Sin itself, Las Vegas.

Europe is also emerging as a popular destination, because packages are becoming more affordable to college students.

Amsterdam has become a popular European destinatiopn because it is well- known for its well-organized club circuit and many historical attractions, like the Anne Frank Museum.

Of course travel package prices vary depending on how far one intends to travel and how nice your accommodations are. For example, a trip to Amsterdam may cost between $976 and just over $1600.

Wherever one might choose to escape, there are certain things to keep in mind. It is a good idea to investigate whether the locals speak English. Also try to find out if an ATM, debit or PIN card will work at the location. Sometimes traveler’s checks are the best option. It is also important to investigate where dollars can be exchanged for local currency.

If your trip is part of a package check that the company sponsoring the trip is valid. Often, college students are ripped off on spring break trips.

You should choose a dependable travel agency that you trust. Also keep in mind whether tips are included in restaurant, hotel, and taxi bills or if further tipping is customary.

Because weather in some climates may change rapidly, investigate the weather forecast for your destination and pack accordingly.

Finally, be flexible. Don’t panic if your trip is not “perfect.” Relax and have fun. After all, that is the point of spring break.