Award-winning Sideways is worth taking a trip to Sioux Falls

Crystal Hohenthaner

Crystal Hohenthaner

During the 11th annual Screen Actor’s Guild Awards Saturday, Feb. 5, the first Actor Award for Outstanding Performance of a Cast in a Feature-length Motion Picture went to the cast of Sideways.

I, for one, wholeheartedly agree with this decision. The more I think about the film, the higher it ranks among my all-time favorites.

At first glance, Sideways seemed to be a movie about the friendship between a divorced, middle-aged eighth-grade English teacher and his outrageous, fun actor friend.

However, as the audience is acquainted with the characters it becomes evident that things aren’t as they have seemed.

Although the actor is getting married, he’s not exactly faithful. And although the teacher is thwarted at every turn, he emerges as quite a hero by the end of the film.

You’ll like this flick if …

… you don’t mind thinking about the things in life that are certainly uncertain. This tragicomedy examines the pathetic with a lighthearted view and much of the humor is funny because it is so sad.

You won’t like this flick if …

… you want rip-roaring action and non-stop gut laughs. While it is a funny film, it takes introspective turns that cause tearful moments that are almost equal in opposition to the chuckles.

Plus, anyone who wants to avoid life lessons while at the theatre should avoid Sideways.

It also has a possibly annoying twist at the end.

In the end …

… the film is poignant and insightful and still manages to be funny. I think it will be taught in school someday – in almost every class.

It is a great trip though the California countryside and the psyches of all the personalities involved.

By the time the film comes to the end of these journeys, the audience is given the opportunity to learn the difference between being a character and having character.

All Five Stars