The Ring Two doesn’t live up to its potential

Heather Mangan

Heather Mangan

Like many sequels, The Ring Two didn’t live up to its predecessor.

The Ring Two begins where the original 2002 film left off. Rachel Kelly, played by Naomi Watts, and her son Aidan, played by David Dofman, move to Seattle to forget their unsettling past. But Samara follows them to strike again when her video takes another victim and her reign of terror begins. Because Samara never had a mother, she begins to take over Aidan in an effort to find a mother in Rachel.

Why you might like it:

The sequel’s plot is quite different than the plot of the first movie. Although it has the same characters and the same idea the plot is more intriguing and keeps the audience guessing.

This movie isn’t as scary and is much easier on the heart because jumps are kept to a minimum.

Why you might not like it:

The movie has been promoted as “scarier than the first,” but doesn’t come close. While a few scenes will make audiences jump and squirm, the movie is maximum plot and minimum scare.

The advances of plot weren’t very scary and isn’t the purpose of a scary movie to be scary?

One reason for the movie’s lack of fright was the emphasis on Aidan and although Aidan was possessed by Samara, his character isn’t as creepy as Samara and he doesn’t make the movie as thrilling.

Final Verdict:

This movie was a disappointment compared to the first one. It lacked what a good scary movie needs – fear. I was rarely scared and actually bored throughout most of the movie.

The movie had its good points, but overall was tasteless and pointless.

Two out of five stars