Julia Cameron’s new book is an essential

Lindsey Pumice

Lindsey Pumice

Do you remember the confidence and sureness you once had, as you stood tall on the living room sofa exclaiming to the world that you would, indeed, be a ballerina when you grew up? Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, gives back that confidence.

Many college students take the safe road to a sure-ready career, ignoring their dreams or manipulating them into some other related career.

For example the girl, who wants to write novels, instead invests all her time in journalism. The guy who doodles throughout every class period won’t allow himself to teach art, because the engineering field pays more-never mind that his heart isn’t in it.

College is a crucial time for making life plans, and so I declare it important for every college student to read The Artist’s Way.

The price is a twelve-week commitment from the reader during which cameron gives are a variety of challenges.

Through daily free writing, called morning pages, Cameron gives the reader reason to learn about him/herself.

Weekly Artist Dates (time set aside to take your inner child out) are encouraged to provide the reader with a chance to be gloriously alone and independent from the world’s thoughts.

The tasks and exercises become powerful tools for self-growth and reinvention.

Cameron tackles self-doubt and other fears with affirmations that demolish every demon used to “block” creativity.

Quotes, adventures and an honest message make this book’s teachings become a way of life – a creative life.

Anyone who reads The Artist Way will be changed. Stronger self-esteem, larger living, and open-mindedness are all threats you’ll encounter on each page. Be careful, instead of whispering “I wanted to be a ballerina,” with longing eyes, you may find yourself standing on the futon, hands outstretched, twirling to the musical “The Nutcracker,” yelling “I AM a ballerina.”