SDSU gets back into the swing of things

Nikki Vroman

Nikki Vroman

The SDSU spring volleyball tournament held Saturday, April 9 was a warm-up for the upcoming fall season.

The six volleyball teams competing were SDSU, Southwest Minnesota State University, Dakota Wesleyan University, University of South Dakota and Morningside College. Each team played four matches against one another but in the end no official champion was named as the whole experience was intended for practice. The tournament provided an informal atmosphere for off-season teams to keep in shape both mentally and physically. SDSU head coach Andrew Palileo said he coached with the same intensity as a regular season match and the experience was “just the way it would be in the fall.”

Winning all four of their matches, the Jacks hope to carry that momentum into the fall for another season of Division I play. Even with the loss of three seniors this year, Palileo expects a decent season next fall as the team now already has one year of experience at the D-I level.

They will use their spring training to help the underclassmen get ready for the fall season. According to Palileo, this tournament is a good way for younger players to get the experience they need, learn new techniques and be able to learn team strategy.

To add to the informal atmosphere, the players refereed each other’s matches. Some players thought it was quite a difficult task and said it was “not fun at all.”

SDSU team member Minette Ridenour said that the tournament was a little slower paced than a regular season match because some of the teams did not have all their players with them. Although the tournament was somewhat less demanding, Ridenour still enjoyed it.

“Any kind of competition is good.”

#1.885154:3138635661.jpg:volleyball1_jerry.jpg:Outside hitter Minette Ridenour hits the ball hard over defenders´ hands.: