Sin City : stylized, sensual, shocking hit

Crystal Hohenthaner

Crystal Hohenthaner

Last week’s top-grossing film, Sin City, is a collection of interwoven tales taken from the graphic novels by the same name. The brainchild of Frank Miller (who authored the graphic novels) and directed by Robert Rodrigez, Sin City is a visual thrill.

Using shocking imagery, splashes of color and noir-esque lighting, this dark, bleak film left me thinking, “What the…?”

The Good Stuff:

Aside from the fact that it was initially difficult to grasp any type of narrative thread, the film remained intensely compelling. Due to the stark black and white frames punctuated with vivid colors and artistic special effects, the film became visually engrossing. Even when I was horrified by what I saw I found it difficult to look away.

Althought the events of the film are highly graphic and violent, the stylized nature of the film made the gory elements less upsetting.

The various tales in the film were woven together out of sequence, but I was happy to be able to discern a timeline with some thought.

I have a weakness for tough guys and I really enjoyed all of the acting – not to mention the hot actors.

Those who enjoy the female form will be excited that the movie is full of T and A. If you’re a fan of Jessica Alba, don’t get too excited, you only get to see her A.

The Bad Stuff:

Although many will enjoy the nudity, I was offended by the objectification of women throughout the film. I also had a hard time dealing with the human castration, prostitution and cannibalism.

The bleak and twisted way that these film makers dealt with the human condition was startling and upsetting for me. I must admit, I like happy endings and this movie didn’t really end and it wasn’t really happy.

three out of five stars