A Different Look at the “Photo of the Week”


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In response to the “Photo of the Week” in the April 12, 2005 Collegian I was surprised that there was no explanation for the “protest.” First of all I am not sure that the word protest is the right word choice to be taken here. The crosses are trying to symbolize the fact that murder has taken place 826 times in the state of South Dakota in the year 2002 A.D. in the form of abortions. This is to be taken as a solemn memorial to the lives lost in such a barbarous and unnecessary way.

It is trying to make a visual statement that yes this sort of thing is even happening in South Dakota, that murder has taken place here in the form of abortions. Each one of those crosses is symbolizing a young South Dakotan that could have been our next leader.

Though many people do not see this as murder, there is no other way to state it when you are taking the life of a truly living human being. Truly believing that life begins at the moment of conception, abortions can only be classified as one thing, murder.

In changing the issue to freedom of speech people are getting away from the true issue that is being addressed here. The lives that have been taken from us through abortions were not given that gift of freedom of speech and that is a true shame.

Daniel E. HardersMember of Mt. Calvary’s Lutheran Student Fellowship

Dan Harders265 Mathews Hall(712) 330-2113SophomorePolitical Science and History Major