Getting It on in the Stacks

Lindsay Hurd

Lindsay Hurd

Where do undergrads go to get down? Cursed to live in cramped quarters with a multitude of roommates, most college students have to get creative if they want any “couple time” with their significant other. Smart students know there’s only one place to get their creative juices flowing: the library.

I stopped in at the library to see if I could catch anyone in the act. While searching through the endless rows of books, I stumbled upon a couple making out in a tiny desk not meant for two.

If anyone knows about getting action in the oversized books section, it would be the library’s many employees.

According to employees of the circulation department, the five rooms available to check out in the library seem to be a popular place to copulate.

“I know people who have checked out the typewriter room key,” said Sarah Erdley, who works in the circulation department.

George Sees, also employed by the circulation department, recalled a warning to new library employees about the infamous typewriter room.

“When I was getting trained, they said to always knock first,” said Sees.

A popular tale circulating among library workers happened a few years ago during a blackout that affected the H.M. Briggs Library. Two former library employees were going on “rounds,’ a quick check of the building before it is closed, when the two unsuspecting staffers stumbled upon a couple gettin’ down and dirty on an obviously sturdy table. The two employees who found the kinky couple were not available for comment.

Those couples looking for privacy might not want to turn to the library. But don’t despair, the Campanile and Rotunda Green were also mentioned as popular sites for romantic rendezvous. However, lovers be warned: public indecency in South Dakota is a class 1 misdemeanor for first-timers and a class 6 felony for repeat offenders.

#1.885175:1995800622.jpg:sexinllibrary, color, mike.jpg:Left: It may seem like a really steamy idea to get it on in the library, but beware, it is also illegal.: