SDSU Film Society to hold festival April 20

Amy Barrick

Amy Barrick

The SDSU Student Film Festival will be held on Wednesday, April 20. The festival, hosted by the SDSU Film Society, will begin at 7:30 p.m. in the South Dakota Art Museum. This is the first year for both the Student Film Festival and the SDSU Film Society.

The purpose of the festival, according to Jeff Heinle, advisor to the Film Society, is to give students an opportunity to showcase the work they’ve done in and out of class, and provide them with an audience for their work while providing them with some feedback from viewers. Having an audience and receiving feedback, he says, are very important elements in learning and perfecting the skills of mass communication.

The festival will show works of many genres, including music videos, public service announcements, commercials and parodies. Jason Fuccello, Film Society president, says the term “movie” means “any combination of pictures and sound. It can tell a story, but it doesn’t have to. It can make sense, but doesn’t have to.”

Most films were class assignments, but a few outside films may be shown as well. A small committee from the Film Society screened the films.

The Film Society hopes to continue to hold this Student Film Festival annually, and in the future, award prizes for outstanding films.

The Film Society is also looking to bring in the South Dakota State Film Commissioner to speak this semester or next fall.

Students from every major are welcome. More information is available on the Film Society’s Student Film festival at