Unsanitary residents leave disgusting mess

Tara Halbritter

Tara Halbritter

A couple of weeks ago, I was taking a shower in my residence hall. I was rinsing my hair when I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. I looked over to see what the mysterious object was, and to my surprise, a used condom was stuck to the shower wall.

Screaming, I frantically shut the water off, grabbed my things and evacuated the premises. I then soaked my feet in bleach, amonia and other various household-cleaning products for the next several days.

What kind of world are we living in when a college student can’t take a shower without being completely offended by a perpetrator whom she doesn’t even know?

Okay, I get it, people have sex in the showers. Do they need to leave behind the evidence for innocent bystanders to find? Oh, and for the record, it wasn’t a magnum.

Also, aren’t there some major health hazards associated with bumping uglies in a facility that gets used as frequently and by as many random people as a residence hall bathroom? I mean, it’s good that these students are using protection, but it’s not safe or sanitary to leave your rubber behind to grow filthy bacteria like a petri dish in science class. Showering on campus is bad enough without this madness.

Honestly, who does that? When you share living quarters with hundreds of people, a little courtesy can go a long way.

I would like to personally thank every custodian that works or has ever worked on this campus. You are truly brave for tackling the grueling, sometimes inhumane, jobs that come your way.

Whoever committed this act gets an “F” for effort. If you are going to do such things in the school facilities, please take that extra step and clean up after yourself. In addition, if the proud souls would like to come forward, I’d like a $6.46 reimbursement for having to buy new sandals.

Tara Halbritter is a sophomore journalism major and Collegian campus editor.

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