Jobs for students available in Brookings

Jackelyn Severin

Jackelyn Severin

The seventh Annual Student Part-Time Job Fair was a success with 35 employer tables and more than 600 students attending.

The job fair can be a great place for students to connect with employers. Some of the businesses featured at the fair were Daktronics, CAPITAL Card Services, McDonald’s and more.

The job fair can help all students, especially freshmen and sophomores who are unfamiliar with the Brookings job market.

“It helps those who don’t know the community of Brookings and gives them a chance to do some networking,” said Susan Fredrikson, employment development director of the Career and Academic Planning (CAP) Center, which sponsored the event.

“All of our part-time employees are college students at South Dakota State. We recently hired ten students form the fair and we’re still looking,” Alex Kahler, owner and president of Biogenetic Services, Inc. said.

Students who did not get a chance to attend the job fair should not lose hope. The job market for students in Brookings is still high and there are plenty of places that offer employment help including: Staff Search Recruiters, Availability Employment Services, CAP Center and the Department of Labor.

“There are many job opportunities if you are willing to be flexible and creative,” said Nancy Jo Popowski, employment representative for the Department of Labor. The Department of Labor has an on-campus office located in Medary Commons.

“When a student comes into our office, we make sure the student is registered at our Web site (,” said Popowski. “We then match the student to employers’ needs … It is an easy and simple process.”

There are all kinds of jobs available, including work-study positions, part-time positions and temporary positions.

“If they (students) are still looking, the more the merrier. Stop in and see us,” said Popowski.

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