Genocide Awareness Project


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As a religious person, I believe, as most of my family, that abortion is wrong. That will never change, and I will never have any part in it. However, I do believe that the people who support it have their reasons, and should be allowed to make their own choices about it as well.

What I don’t agree with, is the fact that people use images of the most vulgar sort to illustrate their sides and their opinions about it. This is not the purpose of free speech. Sure, it’s sad that mothers find it possible to throw a baby in the trash and forget about it. That’s not right. But is it any more right for these officials to take such images and display them in public for the world to see? No. That makes them no better than the people who show beheadings on the news (Al Jazeera). It’s disgusting, and I’m ashamed that people would use the media for such a wretched display.

As I stated before, I’d rather people not do such a horrible thing as to kill an unborn child. But I’d also rather not go back to seeing mass numbers of women die from illegal abortions, either. So, Keep it legal. Let each person make their own choice. As it has always been, so it will always be. And let the “higher powers” sort out the right from the wrong. It’s not for people to decide. It’s all up to the individual.