Perkins is now open 24 hours

Brady C. Mallory

Brady C. Mallory

Wendy’s is not the only restaurant that offers late night service for the hungry insomniacs. A month ago Perkins opened its doors to Brookings 24 hours during the weekend. The new weekend hours follows the example of many other Perkins’ located throughout the upper Midwest.

“We had a 24- hour Perkins in Pipestone, Minnesota and it was always packed,” said SDSU Junior Kristen Thies. “It is beneficial for late night study snacks. It is very convenient for our late night lives.” she said

Thies is not the only one who counts a 24 hour Perkins as a blessing.

“I remember last week I was really hungry for a taco, but Taco John’s wasn’t open. I went to Perkins and got a milkshake because they were open,” said Chris Axelson, a freshman.

During the weekend, Perkins staffs at least six servers and three cooks to provide late- night customer service. Guest Service Manager, Brock

VanDyke says that this is not only a smart business move, but also a much-needed convenience for SDSU students.

No other restaurant in town is open 24 hours on the weekend,” he said

Perkins is not experiencing a boom in business during the late night hours.

“We expected a soft start,” said VanDyke. “After Hobo Days it will start (the rush)”

Perkins offers the same food choices that are available in the daytime and evening hours. Currently Perkins does not offer any late- night specials or slashed prices for their after midnight customers. However, the team is currently brainstorming ideas, such as reintroducing prime rib, to entice the city of Brookings.

The food is not the only reason VanDyke expects a herd of SDSU Jackrabbits to grace Perkins in the wee hours.

“College kids can relate to our staff, because our staff is mostly college students. It is an easy going crowd, guests and staff,” said VanDyke.

The staff of Perkins is sure now that college students are back in town they will check Perkins out during their late nights.

The weekend hours are Thursday through Saturday.

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