Google yourself; it may be worth it

Roxy Hammond

Roxy Hammond

During my sophomore year of high school, my debate partner and I wrote a case study that told of a young woman being murdered by her stalker. She had gone to school with the man, but had no idea he was stalking her. If she had typed her name into any search engine, it would have brought up a Web site he made about her, including the final decision to kill her.


Well, my mother decided to type my name into a search engine the other day (god knows why), and she came upon a pretty interesting Web site.

She sent me the link, and I clicked on it to find myself staring at a senior picture of mine. It was on, and the description was a little less than flattering.

I like big … fat … what?!

That’s not very nice. What a good impression to be giving anyone that cares to browse this trashy Web site.

What I found the most disturbing is that I didn’t post this picture. I had never even been on that particular Web site before I became aware of my picture being so kindly posted.

It included my nickname “Foxy Roxy” (you can thank my high-school friends for that one), which makes me believe one of my friends or even acquaintances did it.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve ticked enough people off in my time that it doesn’t really surprise me someone did this. I probably even deserved it.

But seriously, it’s still kind of creepy when you realize there’s a terrific description of you posted on the Internet.

The Internet can be a great tool for research and it opens many doors for people, but be careful if you’ve ever ticked anyone off. They can do very mean things to you via this medium.

Basically, do not trust much that you find on the Internet. I had a friend that would send pictures of a another girl to the people she was chatting with when they asked for her picture. It’s that easy to deceive and manipulate people through the World Wide Web.

The stories get worse and worse and consist of identity theft, sexual predators and even people murdered when they were lured into meeting their chatting buddies.

So really, I’m glad I didn’t find a Web site of a stalker deciding to end my life. I’m actually surprised I didn’t find a Web site created by the “We Hate Roxy Club.”

Yet, the fact that my picture was posted by somebody else without my knowledge still weirds me out. I mean, who does that?

Other than the fact that I find it pretty strange, I’ve become curious as to who has posted this lovely atrocity. I think I can narrow it down to a few people, but how am I ever going to prove anything? I’m just going to have to live my life wondering who despises me enough to post my picture on the Internet.

I think that everyone should type their name into a search engine sometime. Especially if you’ve ever made somebody mad that might have access to your picture.

After all I love big, fat … Who knows what you’ll love?

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