UPD: Job never done

Letter To The Editor

Letter To The Editor

This piece is in regards to the riots and the UPD’s reaction thereof. The supposed “riots” were ridiculous and callow, and I am sure the UPD were unnecessarily strict, but that is the function of the UPD.

During the two years I lived in Hansen Hall, there were several rooms busted for alcohol. The first time I ever heard of a room being raided was because the students involved had walked past the RA’s room with open beers in their hands. The sencond time was because UPD officers glanced in a window, and saw the students inside drinking alcoholic beverages.

If you are underage and drinking, be smart about it. Close your blinds and doors, try to at least hide the fact that you are drinking. Don’t go walking on campus either. Call a friend and have them be a designated driver for you.

I don’t agree with the fact that they hand out so many parking tickets, but that’s part of their job. Whether it gives them a power trip, of if they just really enjoy their job, the fact is this: it’s their job. They don’t create the rules, they just enforce them. If we all parked wherever we wanted too, everyone would be inconvenienced. Yes, there are not enough parking spaces for students on campus. However, that’s the university’s fault. Don’t kill the messengers; go to the university with your complaints.

Oh , and make sure you research your FaceBook data before publishing it.

Jason WesterbergElectronics Engineering Major