Using stereotype shows ignorance


How do you go from praising Rosa Parks on one page for her legacy and her stand for CIVIL RIGHTS, and then disrespect her movement and her blackness on the very next page?

For Roxy to “hypothetically stereotype” all black people is ignorant. For the editor of the Collegian to let her publish such a thing is equally ignorant. The statement in the column was inappropriate and unprofessional in the least bit. Undoubtedly, the individual in Seattle was bias towards small towns, but to match his ignorance reflects a lot about your own character. For you to lash out at black people as a whole and try to use race as if you were trying to prove a point is absolutely inappropriate.

I was hurt by your statement “Now, if I had said that I thought all black people were worthless piles of crap that only commit crime.” There isn’t an “if” about it. YOU JUST SAID IT! According to you, black people have no worth and we are big piles of manure who do nothing but commit crimes. So all black people, including Rosa Parks, are criminals? But you didn’t stop there. You could’ve been political about the situation. You could have used your journalistic instincts and rose above your own ignorance and shown some intelligence.

But you said, “Of course, I don’t think that way, but I’m sure I could find you some examples.” YOU JUST CONTRADICTED YOURSELF IN ONE SENTENCE. “I really do think like that, but if I say that I don’t, then it seems as if I don’t.” That is how it came across. Then you say, “I’m sure I can find someone if I look hard enough.” So that means that you would have to go out a find someone that fits the bill, and it wouldn’t be hard to do.

My blackness was utterly and completely disrespected. After reading your article, I was offended as an educated, intelligent, tall, dark and handsome black man. You have the right to feel what you want to feel, and I’m fine with that. But you have just embarrassed the state of South Dakota, and I actually feel sorry for you. But I’m glad you wrote this article because it will expose your ignorance and prejudice toward African Americans. But don’t let your ignorance turn into stupidity. Television isn’t a good portrayal of blacks.

Just because you happen to see a black man on “Cops” doesn’t mean that all of us have been there. Nevertheless, the article was very unprofessional, unfair and untrue. In my opinion, no discretion or common sense was used in the article. The comment you made was very disrespectful and without tact. If I may ask, what did writing such a derogatory statement toward African Americans accomplish? It further led me to agree with the man from Seattle. You absolutely have no clue what is going on in the world and not because you are from South Dakota, but because you are who you are. And yes, sorry to burst your bubble, but you might be the biggest hick in …

Mike James An Educated Black Man in South Dakota