Fashion Dos and Don’ts:

Christina Hoeck

Christina Hoeck

Walk through campus during the day and you’ll plainly see that sweatpants and sweatshirts are the icons of college life. Students wake up in the morning, and if they are anything like the norm, they jump off of their five-foot lofts, throw on shoes, and jet out the door in the clothes they had worn to bed. This is called the ‘laid-back’ look. For some, though, it’s a hit or miss situation and they go from laid-back to the DON’T section of a fashion magazine. Some fashion-conscious students, on the other hand, like to take the extra time to put together the perfect outfit and look their best while strolling to class. Either way, the campus is a smorgasbord of fashion. These are the fashion dos and do nots of SDSU.

1. Nick Rossman shows that a preppy polo paired with skater sneaks is always a DO.

2. Sophomore Summer Hendricks proves that playing up your personal style with funky accessories is always a DO.

3. Sporting SDSU gear like sophomore Aubrey Graham is always a DO.

4. A tasteful skirt, like senior Amy Vickroy is wearing is a good way to pull off a classy look.

5. Senior Kathleen Grode shows that a colorful scarf adds a playful touch to a basic coat.

6. DON’T be a walking advertisement!

7. If you’re a guy, when wearing butt-hugging jeans, tucking in your pheasant-patterned camouflage shirt spells DON’T.

8. DON’T wear a red plaid shirt under a red puffy vest ? unless you’re out on the farm.