SDSU not impressive to one transfer student


I transferred here for Spring Semester 2006 and was quite shocked on my recent experiences.

I’ve been at SDSU for approximately two weeks and I’m not far from getting the hell out of here. I was unpleasantly surprised at how they run tuition payment. Let’s stand in line to pick up a check, then stand in another hour-long line to give someone the check. Where does any of this process make sense? It’s called computers and technology. Someone should inform the school this.

Whatever, I’m over it. The next venture started when I needed to buy books. Never in my two and a half years of college have I had to return to the bookstore more than three times because I keep finding I need to buy more and more books that the professors seemingly forgot to list? And on top of that, I’ve never seen a bill nearly matching what I pay to even attend school (keep in mind this is my third year of college). I know how expensive books are, but I also never realized that a school could get by with charging you to buy packets of information about the classes. It’s called a computer; post it online, and let us print it.

Maybe not, though. Charge us, because I guess that’s what they do here? Whatever, maybe it’s my fault. Maybe it’s the major; maybe it’s the classes. After I find myself spending half my life savings to buy books, I decide to go to the library and put them to good use. Here, I find a problem. Where exactly is the library? Is it seriously hidden all the way on the other side of campus? Isn’t that supposed to be like the centermost part of campus? It’s a school, right? When I finally do find the library, why are there kids sitting in there talking on their cell phones when others are trying to study? And since I apparently didn’t pay enough for tuition and books, I need to pay for my printing now, too? Someone should show me these money trees.

Fine, I’ll leave the library. But what’s that white paper sitting under my windshield wiper? You’ve got to be kidding me! They ticketed my car for parking at the library? Maybe that’s right, I shouldn’t have to go to the library to study. But will someone explain to my professors why my grades are suffering? I couldn’t afford to buy a parking pass in the first place, so how do they expect me to pay this $25 ticket? Someone tell me where I can park, please! There you go, SDSU; you win. You’ve taken my money to pay for the next football game and basketball game. And now that I can’t park at the library since I can’t afford it, you’re probably looking at your next college dropout.

How’s that for retention.

55% my ass.

Cassie HilliusApparel Merchandising junior