Econofoods permanently checks out on Feb. 18

Kristin Marthaler

Kristin Marthaler

On Feb. 18, the Brookings Econofoods will close its doors forever.

After the Super Wal-Mart opened last year, the traffic in Econofoods has slowly dwindled.

Students at SDSU are starting to feel part of the crunch. Freshman Jennifer Fenner realizes what kind of impact Wal-Mart has on small towns like Brookings.

“With Econofoods closing, it’s just more proof that Wal-Mart is a monopoly and foreclosing other businesses to close down,” said Fenner.

Even though students may not always shop at Econofoods, it was still an option if Wal-Mart was too busy, or Hy-Vee was too far to go. “Wal-mart just shut em’ down,” said sophomore Josh Moore.

The effect of the Econofoods closing seems to be felt by the store’s employees. According to Collegian sources, Econofoods employees were dismayed by the news of the pending closure.

#1.884775:3993838181.jpg:econofoods01_aa.jpg:The picture portrays how Econofoods has been ever since Wal-Mart opened.:Amber Armstrong