Book released to celebrate SDSU’s 125th anniversary

Shayla Waugh

Shayla Waugh

This year SDSU is celebrating its 125th anniversary. To commemorate that milestone John Miller, a retired SDSU history professor, has authored a book titled “SDSU: A Pictorial History.”

The book contains about 230 photos and about 95 pages of text covering the history of the university.

Miller said he was asked by university administration to write the book to celebrate the university’s anniversary and to stimulate interest in the history of the school.

Jennifer Crickard, director of University Relations, was involved in the process of selecting an author to create the book.

“John Miller was suggested by a number of people,” said Crickard. “He is very well thought of in the field.”

Miller said the process of creating the book took about half a year. He first began the research process by looking through photos in theHilton M. Briggs library and by working with the University Relations department. He then researched the Jackrabbit yearbooks and various university publications. Miller said he interviewed nearly 30 people, such as former university presidents and current administrators to gain information on their experiences at SDSU.

“One thing that I found interesting while researching for the book was seeing all the organizations and extra curricular activities that students have been involved in throughout the university’s history,” said Miller. “These included everything from debate ,to Hobo Day floats, to all different kinds of judging teams.”

The book was published by Donning Publishing Company. Miller said he felt the company did a very good job in publishing the book.

Crickard said she was also pleased with the final product.

“I feel the book turned out very well, He (Miller) did a great job in producing this book,” said Crickard.

“We worked very hard and very meticulously in creating the book,” said Miller

He said since the book was released, he has received basically positive feedback.

“Overall, I have been told that people like the book. I’ve been told by readers that they have learned a lot of things that they didn’t know about the university,” he said.

Miller worked as a professor of history at SDSU from 1974 through 2003. He is now writing books and articles, and creating projects such as “SDSU: A Pictorial History.”

Miller will be available to autograph copies of the book at the university’s anniversary kickoff event on Feb. 21.