Students’ Association approves 9 budgets

Shayla Waugh

Shayla Waugh

The Students’ Association approved nine budgets at its meeting Monday night.

A budget of $1,000 was approved for the Black Student Alliance (BSA). This was the first funding for the BSA coming from the SA.

The SA approved a budget of $900 for Chicanos in Action. This was the first funding for Chicanos in Action coming from the SA.

A budget of $9,000 was approved for Little International. Little International is a yearly event with students from more than 200 schools attending.

The Music Department budget was approved for $108,530. There was an increase in the budget due to increased event and travel expenses.

The Prairie Repertory Theatre budget was approved at $46,000. A major change in the summer theater program will move the traditional Madison venue to Brandon.

A budget of $62,000 was approved for State University Theatre.

The KSDJ budget was approved at $11,000. The station manager said a large part of the budget goes toward contractual services and station services.

The University Program Council budget was approved by SA at $145,000.