TRiO Student Support Services program receives funding renewal

Shayla Waugh

Shayla Waugh

The TRiO Student Support Services (SSS) at SDSU has received a funding extension for an additional four years.

TRiO SSS is a program giving support services to students who face particular challenges.

Acceptance into the program is based on three criteria: the individual is a first-generation student, meaning that neither parent finished a baccalaureate college degree, the individual has a documented disability that impacts ability to be successful in an academic program, or college success is affected by the family income of the individual.

Jeffrey Vostad, the program director of TRiO, said “160 SDSU students are currently enrolled in the program. This is the maximum number of students for which the program is funded.”

“The objective of the TRiO Student Support Services program is to help give the tools to try and even the academic playing field for students who face particular challenges,” said Vostad.

Vostad said funding for TRiO SSS goes to a variety of services, including free tutoring for members, counseling and technological services.

A supplemental instruction program was added to the services offered by TRiO SSS after this year’s funding extension.

The supplemental instruction program is a group situation tutoring service offered to students. Vostad said the instruct involves an instruction attending class with the students and then carrying the classwork into a group tutoring session. Vostad said so far the program is receiving great attendance and positive feedback.

The supplemental instruction service is currently being offered in four classes. Those classes are Accounting 210, Biology 101, Biology 221, and Chemistry 112.

Vostad said that the intent is to add more classes each year to the supplemental instruction program.

The SDSU chapter of the program first began in 2001.

Students who are interested in applying for acceptance into the TRiO SSS program can download an application from the TRiO Web site which is linked to SDSU’s homepage.

For more information on the program, call 688-6653.