SDSU criticism unwarranted


This letter is in response to Cassie Hillius, the transfer student who wrote the article published in last week’s edition.

It’s too bad you are having a terrible time at SDSU. I do not agree with any of your arguments pertaining to “how terrible SDSU is.” I am also a transfer student to SDSU. I came here my sophomore year, and although it took me a little while to get adjusted, I feel my suggestions to your problems may be beneficial to others on campus.

You mentioned tuition payment. There is an electronic way to pay your tuition. If you would have been paying attention, SDePay has sent out numerous e-mails over the past several months, reminding students to pay their tuition through their online services. If that doesn’t work for you, you can also send a check straight to the cashier’s office. Problem solved.

As for textbook buying, it’s all about timing. If you don’t want to wait in a huge line for books, go during off times (you should know this if you are a third-year student). Or, buy textbooks online. Not only does our school offer the sale of textbooks online, there are several Web sites that sell used textbooks without the hassles of lines.

Last point-tickets. If you don’t have a parking permit, you will get a ticket. Bottom line. Why should you be excluded from getting a ticket when thousands of students pay to park? You are not an exception.

This is a great place to get a cheap, yet decent, education. I feel I have chosen the right place to start my future.

Amber Armstrong Senior Broadcast Journalism