Steppin at SDSU

Tiffany Haynes

Tiffany Haynes

A group from The Black Student Alliance will be performing at the Volstorff Ballroom on Feb. 18 at 7 p.m. Admission is free.

Three other groups will be performing with the SDSU steppin’ group. Iowa State Marching Drill Team &Cyclone Steps, University of Nebraska Omaha’s Phi Beta Sigma, University of Nebraska Omaha’s Zeta Phi Beta, and Universit of Nebraska Lincoln’s Alpha Phi Alpha.

Step dancing originated in Africa and has grown by leaps and bounds. Step Dancing is huge at universities in the south, said Rozhyer Aware, Coordinator for Multicultural Programs.

Step dancing is comprised of hip-hop moves, military moves and stomping, all to a hip hop beat

According to Aware it is unique that SDSU has a step-dancing group because it is not common in this region.

The idea behind having the event in February is that it is Black History Month. The goal of the performance is to “educate and culture students,” said Aware.

Group members are comprised of Native Americans, Hispanics, and African American SDSU students. Members practice daily.

James Epps, a Business Economics major, said “everybody needs to go (to the show).” Epps said the goal of the event is to “diversify SDSU.”

After the show on Saturday the Black student Alliance will be sponsoring a hip-hop dance social at the Volstroff Ballroom, admission is free.