UPC going to national convention

Brady C. Mallory

Brady C. Mallory

Twelve members of the UPC will be missing in action from the SDSU campus while they attend the National Association for Campus Activities this spring.

The ten coordinators and two executive members will take 15 passenger vans to Cedar Rapids, Iowa for programming sessions that will help them plan and promote their events in a more efficient manner. The SDSU UPC will be at NACA from March 30 to April 2.

From 8am to 11pm each day, the SDSU UPC will work for the betterment of the campus events.

The NACA conference will also allow a time for the UPC to find out what is big at other colleges so they can bring events to SDSU.

“I want to take away a good perception of what other campuses are doing. I want to bring something our students would enjoy,” said Nick Fosheim, who serves as the recreation and travel coordinator.

For Fosheim, as well as other UPC members, this will be his first NACA conference.

“I don’t know anything about NACA,” said Community Service Coordinator Laura Aragon, with a laugh.

New UPC members who have never attended a NACA conference can expect to see the participants of the conference sessions brainstorm ideas.

NACA is not only a time for sessions, it is also a showcase for comedians, lectures and concerts that are available to be booked as talent for colleges.

“We can actually see them before we bring them, so we can see if they are high quality,” said UPC President, Kimberly Harer.

Harer mentioned a process called block booking which occurs when SDSU and other area colleges book the same talent for the same week. The process saves money

“The amount we save for the programs we schedule more than exceeds the cost of the conference,” said Harer.

The committee members were required to sign a contract early in the school year to guarantee their participation in NACA. If unable to attend, a member would have to pay a sum of about $150 to cover the individual charge.