Student Association year review


Former Sa President Ryan Brunner

Usually, year in review articles come out around January 1. However, the SDSU Students’ Association cycle runs March to March. Similar to any other student council, we work on numerous issues that impact the day-to-day life on campus. The 2005-2006 student government started our term last March after being elected by you, the students. The past year has been an interesting one, and we have been grateful for the opportunity to work on the issues facing SDSU students. Many students don’t realize the broad reach of the Students’ Association and the positive influence it can have on campus. We campaigned on a variety of issues and worked hard to develop new ideas while responding to emerging conflicts. We worked with administration, faculty, city and state employees to ensure that students at SDSU received the best service possible. Overall, SDSU students have a voice in most of the decisions on campus and we take our responsibility to students seriously.

The feedback from students gave us the direction to go towards and the issues to work on. A few major projects we set out to accomplish included the wellness center, recycling and establishing a safe-ride program. Several of these projects were worked on by previous senates. We were fortunate enough to use past research and develop ideas to get things off the ground.

Recycling on campus has been lacking, especially when compared to other universities. This spring will see the launching of a program that will provide the groundwork for expanding opportunities in recycling. A coalition has been formed with groups on campus to ensure the year-to-year success of the program. It will also provide feedback and make adjustments as the program goes forward. This will make SDSU a leader compared to other universities in the state on recycling.

The safe-ride program will start this Thursday. A pilot program that will run through the end of the year will provide free, safe transportation to SDSU students. During the summer, adjustments will be made, and next fall, a transportation network will be established. Further expansions are possible and probably necessary. The senate will continue developing this program over the next couple of years until the students have a reliable, consistent means of transportation both at night and during the day.

The SDSU Wellness Center has been a cornerstone project of this senate. When spending student fees, several studies are done to make sure that an educated decision is made. This senate looked at more than 36 different wellness centers ranging in cost from $5 million to $55 million. Based on usage and demand, a facility was designed and a proposal submitted. Last Thursday, the wellness center was given final approval after several months of review. Soon, SDSU students will have adequate wellness facilities in a building that was studied, designed and proposed by the Students’ Association.

This year’s Students’ Association also had the opportunity to open the newly-remodeled Student Union, a project of the Students’ Association for the last three years. We finally opened the doors in September. The grand opening of The Union and Caldwell Hall were landmark changes on our campus.

We also kicked off the 125th anniversary of SDSU, saw an expansion of research on campus, worked on a research park and wrapped up our second year as a Division-I institution.

There were also a variety of smaller scale, but equally important, issues that came up on campus and in the community this last year. As a Students’ Association, we proposed 15 resolutions dealing with campus and community issues. This year, SDSU set another all-time high for enrollment. That provided for the $2 million in student fees that were allocated by the Students’ Association. This funding was distributed to student groups and facility operations to provide programming and services on campus.

Every year, your Students’ Association takes on several issues brought forward by students. The last year has brought lots of change to campus and we are proud to have played our part in it. This year will be equally challenging and rewarding for the new senate as they take their positions representing your voice. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve, working with us, and helping to make the place we all love better. Go Jackrabbits.