More than 40 participate in airplane competition

Jen Jungwirth

Jen Jungwirth

More than 40 students participated in the Red Bull Paper Wings contest Wednesday, March 29.

Participants constructed paper airplanes judged in the categories of distance and airtime.

SDSU Red Bull Representative Allie Burn was pleased with the outcome.

“We had students participate ranging from freshman to fifth-year seniors, ag majors to football players,” said Burn.

Students participating said they enjoyed the event.

“It was different,” said junior Jacob Sukalski, “a good change from all the usual events on campus.”

The owner of the Red Bull energy drink began the contest. His mission was to find college students from around the world who could attempt to break the current world record in paper airplane distance and airtime. The final three individuals from 48 countries will then compete in Salzburg, Austria, later in the year.

This was SDSU’s first year competing in the contest.

The winners from SDSU were, in the category of distance: Cody Kartak with 61’10” and Margaret Bendorf with 58′; and in the category of airtime: Anthony Robinson with 5.66 seconds, Nick Haltvick with 5.2 seconds. Local prizes were distributed to the four winners.

The current world record in distance is 161 feet and 9.28 seconds for airtime. The four SDSU winners did not qualify for the final competition in Austria.