Local bands put on good show

Erik Ebsen

Erik Ebsen

Three area bands played at the Main Street Pub Thursday, April 13.

Such an event may seem trivial in the wake of Switchfoot Monday night, but those who caught this little pub gig got a show completely unlike that at the Swiftel Center.

The bands, The Glass Atlantic, Post Moritz, and My Monday Regret rang out with some original and lively punk songs to a very receptive crowd.

The Glass Atlantic set pulled many songs from their newest album, “A Traffic Light Malfunction.” Other songs included a very witty tune about certain slang terms and a creative jam version of a song from the new album.

Their melodic punk played in the drawn-out style of jam bands really shined. It showed off the creative energy even a Sioux Falls band can throw into a gig. People convinced that no musical talent exists in this area need to know where to look.

Post Moritz practically explodes from the stage. Ever-moving, these guys obviously love to play music. They’re a real treat to see live.

These kinds of bands playing small venues make bonds with the crowd that larger events cannot match. These kids see your faces. Between songs they speak to you, not a collective body.

It’s dedication that makes little bands into radio and MTV headliners. The energy expressed in shows like this is touching, almost visceral. It’s a shame more people don’t witness it.