Oozeball returns to campus

Brian Kimmes

Brian Kimmes

Staters for State held their 18th annual Oozeball tournament on April 22. More than 200 students showed up on a beautiful Saturday afternoon to play around in the mud.

The tournament involved 29 teams and lasted most of the afternoon.

Students that participated in the tournament were treated to free pizza provided by Papa John’s and free pop provided by Coke.

Oozeball is a fundraiser for Staters for State, a student alumni association that works closely with the Alumni Association. Staters for State is the group the puts on A Stately Beginning, a picnic at the start of each school year. Staters for State will host a Senior Appreciation Day on April 27, at Tompkins Alumni Center. All graduating seniors are invited to attend.

Oozeball was a success for workers and participants. Scott Schramm, a third year computer science major from Yankton, said “I thought it went really well.”

Schramm worked at the Oozeball tournament for Staters for State, manning the hose to keep the pits wet, as well as refereeing some of the volleyball games. Schramm was on the Oozeball committee.

Schramm said seeing everybody have fun playing makes it fun for the workers. He could tell that a lot of people had a fun with it.

“Watching teams (to) bury themselves in the mud and to see friends tackling each other is fun,” Schramm said.

Melissa Drenckhahn, a freshman history major from Plainview, Minn., was another referee for the tournament. She is also a member of the Staters for State.

“I thought it (Oozeball) sounded like fun,” said Drenckhahn. “I’d do it again.”

Although the referees did not play in the mud, they were not immune to getting dirty. Drenckhahn said she did not stay very clean, but she was “better off than the participants.”

Gayle Bretsch, a freshman health promotions major from Brookings, was one of about 240 particpants. A friend asked her to be on a team, and she had seen fliers posted about the event. Bretsch said it was absolutely a good time.

“The best part was getting to play in the mud and getting to tackle each other,” Bretsch said.

“It is about jumping around in the mud, getting dirty and just hanging out,” Bretsch said. She and her team went 1-2 in their three games. Bretsch is already planning a team for next year.

#1.884492:3958228357.jpg:oozeball01_tc.jpg:Oozeball participants served volleyballs and mudpies in the Oozeball festivities held April 22.:Ty Carlson