Sixth Street construction project inspires renovations, special deals

Jesse Batson

Jesse Batson

The Sixth Street construction project, which continues in full force, has affected everyone. Students and instructors have chosen alternate routes to campus, temporary traffic signals have been put up and local businesses have to adapt to the construction.

Taco John’s, located on the north side of the intersection of Medary Avenue and Sixth Street, has suffered a decrease in business since construction started.

“It has slowed things down a bit,” said store owner Deb Dominiack. “(But) we’re still doing business.”

They just hope the project goes as planned.

“Hopefully it will be (done) within their time frame,” Dominiack said.

Domino’s, also located at the intersection, says the construction hasn’t affected its business.

“Our biggest problem has been people cutting through our parking lot,” said shift runner Lea McCord.

Because the location primarily delivers, McCord said, their customers don’t have to deal with the hassle of the construction.

It has slowed delivery time by a small amount, McCord said, but so far their customers have been understanding.

Movie Gallery, another business located at the intersection, is taking this opportunity to close its doors and remodel the entire store.

Meanwhile, Pizza Ranch, which won’t face the construction until mid-summer, is planning a variety of specials during the disruption.

“A lot of people are worried about (the construction),” said store owner Kip Pharis. “We’re going to be open. Burger King and I are sitting in a pretty good position.”

There are many access approaches to Pizza Ranch, so Pharis said that his customers will find a way to get there.

“It won’t do any good to complain,” he said.

They’re going to do just the opposite, in fact. They are going to have fun with the construction.

Pharis said Pizza Ranch will probably run some specials and he is thinking about getting some hard hats to wear.

The Pizza Ranch has been working with the project since it began. It is even hosting weekly construction progress meetings in its back room every Friday morning.

“We contribute so much to the community that they just thought it’d be a good place to have them,” Pharis said.

#1.884453:3028796260.jpg:moviegallery_tc.jpg:Movie Gallery, located at the Medary Avenue intersection, is one of several businesses taking advantage of the Sixth Street construction. Movie Gallery is currently remodeling.: