Want to be a good Jacks fan?

Heather Mangan

Heather Mangan

They are at the heart of the game’s energy and excitement.

They have the power to raise and lower a team’s morale.

They are the Jackrabbit fans, and without them, athletic events wouldn’t be the same.

Whether you are a die-hard SDSU fan or looking for something to do, “backing the Jacks” can be a fun way to show school spirit while mingling with fellow Jackrabbit fans.

Here are a few etiquette tips in being a loyal fan:

Bring your cowbell

In the last year, the cowbell has become a staple of Jackrabbit athletics and is quickly becoming a tradition, said Micah Grenz, head of marketing and promotions for the Athletic Department.

“It’s something everyone has to latch on to,” he said.

Cowbells allow you to “ring the bell for South Dakota” and show support in an energetic way.

However, NCAA regulations prohibit spectators from using any artificial noise-makers during play.

Keep the bells quiet until the whistle blows, and then ring them like crazy.

Wear yellow

Blue and gold are SDSU’s official colors, but Grenz encourages students to wear as much gold/yellow as possible. Yellow stands out more, and a stand full of yellow shirts makes a strong impression, he said.

Use common sense

Trent Ulrich of SDSU sports marketing said common sense is an important tool to being a good fan, especially when it comes to students’ behavior toward visiting teams.

“It goes back to being responsible and watching what you say,” he said.

Tailgate, but not too much

Tailgating is part of the game experience, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessary to get falling-down drunk. Grenz encourages students to tailgate as long as they are responsible. Spend some time in the tailgating area visiting with fellow students and participating in the festivities, but be sure to make your way over to the game.

Be there and bring your friends

All SDSU athletic events are free and most students don’t have to go very far to get to an athletic venue. So take advantage of the cheap entertainment and bring your friends along, Grenz said.

“It’s a whole lot more than supporting (athletics). It’s supporting your school,” he said.

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