From the Right

Elizabeth Gorder

Elizabeth Gorder

Alfonso Rodriguez was convicted two weeks ago for the murder of Dru Sjodin, the University of North Dakota college student who went missing in 2003.

This case has now cleared the way for death penalty deliberations.

Rodriguez had just completed a prison sentence for stabbing and trying to kidnap a woman and had also pleaded guilty to rape in the past.

There are too many cases like this one. Most of these people are second- or third-time offenders.

But the problem here is not that these violent criminals and sex offenders aren’t put to death.

The problem is that they are being let out of prison when they should be locked up for good.

I think the reason a lot of people support the death penalty is because they do not believe a life sentence will lead to an actual life sentence. Many do not trust the system.

Being pro-life, I cannot support the death penalty. It violates the right to life, and has never been shown to deter crime any more effectively than other punishments. At most, I would support a ballot question to be put to the voters. My personal feelings are that the death penalty should not be legal. What needs to be focused on are tougher sentences and actually following through with them.