Alternate health options grow in popularity

Jen Jungwirth

Jen Jungwirth

Now that school has begun, students are in warp speed, catching up on homework, studying for tests, working part-time or full-time jobs and participating in clubs or intramurals.

With all the added pressure comes stress. However, through many unique techniques, students can alleviate the stress and pain.


This method for stress relief is an old Chinese therapy technique, which is based on the theory that energy is flowing through the body along meridians. The energy is known as Chi or Qi. Any blockage for build up of the Chi may result in illness.

The very thin needles poked into various points of the skin during acupuncture unblock the flow of energy, restoring health.

Tai Chi or Qui Gong

The combination of meditation and body movement is found in this series of traditional Chinese exercises.

Tai Chi helps increase energy and improves health by allowing energy to flow through the body. The Chinese also believed two opposing forces of nature in the body, Yin and Yang, provide health if kept in balance, which can be done through Tai Chi.

The exercises consist of a combination of slow or quick movements by raising the arms, moving the head side to side and rubbing the ears, feet and hands.


Pilates is the use of the mind to control the body’s muscles. During exercises, one must keep the body in balance and create support for the spine.

Awareness of breath is essential in Pilates.

The exercises are mostly used to relieve back pain and stress.


Aromatherapy focuses on triggering positive, emotional responses to various scents. The scents are conveyed by the olfactory nerve, which then triggers certain areas of the brain.

Scents can be dispersed with an aroma diffuser or air freshener and should be used as part of a daily routine.