Home Federal Bank offers SDSU checks

Holly Farris

Holly Farris

Home Federal Bank has found a new way for SDSU supporters to show their Jacks pride and assist scholarship funds – writing a check.

But the check doesn’t have to be written to SDSU to still help the school.

The bank began offering check designs featuring the Jackrabbits on July 17, after the popularity of a design for the Brookings Bobcats inspired requests for a style showcasing SDSU, said Brookings Home Federal branch manager Chad Weier.

The checks are designed with the “Jacks No. 1” logo in the center and the intertwined SD symbol in the upper left-hand corner. Every box of checks has 150 blanks, with standard checks running $13.25 per box and duplicate checks at $18.25 per box.

Eight percent of the net sales of every box of checks purchased will go into a scholarship fund at SDSU, according to Home Federal’s business development executive Ginger Thomson.

“Not only can you show your loyalty by writing a check, but it’s also giving money back in a painless way, since you need checks anyway,” Thomson said.

The scholarship fund is contributed to through the SDSU logo royalties that Home Federal pays to SDSU. The royalties are sent to the SDSU Office of Finance and Budget, which will handle the funds as they handle all matters related to logo royalties, said Assistant Vice President of Finance and Business Wes Tschetter. The money goes into a scholarship account for the benefit of students.

Thomson said response to the check design has been very positive in the Brookings community. Mostly employees or alumni have purchased the new design. With classes just beginning, the student response is still being determined, but Thomson hopes the large number of SDSU students who bank at Home Federal will gravitate towards the Jacks check design.