Letter to the Editor: SDPURC


I, like many, was disappointed to learn the Board of Regents squandered $5,000 in seeking a new name for USDSU. Had common sense prevailed they could have saved money and come up with a much better name.

Those names are best which clearly indicate that which they represent. Since the school offers classes from all our state universities it only makes sense to name it ‘State Universities-Sioux Falls’ or ‘SD-SF.’

Of course, for those not familiar with our state’s largest city — unfortunately many of those on the East or West Coast — it would make it even clearer to identify exactly where Sioux Falls is located.

For that reason an even better name would be ‘South Dakota State Universities-Sioux Falls.’ Since this is a mouthful I propose it be called ‘SDSU-Sioux Falls.’

Now, that’s a name with class.

Pastor Bob ChellUniversity Lutheran Center