Students’ Association finally takes firm stand on something


Editorial Board

On Sept. 25, The Students’ Association condemned Amendment E – the silly so-called judicial accountability amendment.

“It’s just garbage legislation,” said Sam Nelson, an at-large senator.

Well said, Sam.

They were right to do it. Amendment E is poorly written and broadly focused. If passed, it would wreak havoc across the state, as almost any government official could be held personally responsible for a decision made in office.

That would include all of the student senators in the SA.

But this is a polar shift for this body. So far this year, the SA has dodged taking a stand on anything.

At its first meeting, it decided to not even put a resolution on the death penalty on the agenda. Sure, the group was blindsided by the resolution. But that’s a bad reason to not take a stance on an issue.

Vote yes. Vote no. But don’t ignore it.

The SA also refused to stand for students during The Collegian’s fight with the Board of Regents over the presidential forums.

The open meetings law is clear. Clear enough for a judge to immediately require the BOR let The Collegian’s reporters attend the forums.

But what was SA’s stance on this issue? They passed a useless, feel-good resolution that only asked that everyone attend the meetings.

That is not leadership, and it’s certainly not representing students.

Senators need to remember why they were elected. If they want to be considered an elected body, it’s about time they start acting like one.

Vote yes, vote no. But stand for something.