Twins team up to win

Jackelyn Severin

Jackelyn Severin

Twins use sisterly love as support on and off the field.

They share a passion for competition and a dedication to one of the world’s most popular sports. They share a common goal to play to the best of their abilities and provide support for each other and their teammates. They also share DNA.

Kerstyn and Kellyn Farrell grew up playing soccer together in Littleton, Colo. Now the twin sisters have brought their love for the game to South Dakota State’s varsity women’s soccer team. Both sophomores have already made an impact on the ever-improving soccer team.

Their similarities in looks mirror their comparable playing styles.

“Both play similar and move the same way,” said senior defender teammate Karoline Brause.

Head Coach Lang Wedemeyer agrees the Farrells are very fast and versatile. “Both girls can play any position, which really helps the team,” he said.

But even though they both work hard on the field and have equal athletic ability, off the field, they have very different personalities.

“We balance each other out,” Kellyn said. “She’s kind of the shy one and I’m the loud one.”

Their differences became even more obvious after they shared a dorm room their freshman year at SDSU. Kerstyn realized how laidback her sister was, especially about cleaning.

“I got stuck with most of the cleaning, which was really frustrating,” she said.

Like all sisters, they get into fights, but they agree that it does not affect their playing on the field.

Kellyn admitted they used to have problems when they were younger, but as they have grown older, they have learned to let go of their disputes before they start a game.

“We try not to bring anything on the field or take anything that happens off the field,” said Kellyn.

Kerstyn said, “If we have a fight, it won’t affect if I play the ball to her or not.”

Because they are sisters, they have a definite chemistry that is hard to match with other teammates.

“We basically know what each other is going to do a lot of the time, but we still surprise each other,” said Kerstyn.

Kellyn agreed with her sister, but dispelled any myth that they have psychic abilities.

They have been playing together ever since their dad showed them how to kick a soccer ball when they were three years old, so it is only natural they can read one another’s moves.

“I know how she plays. I know what she’ll do, how she’ll pass it and where she’ll play it,” said Kellyn.

Because they are sisters, they tend to be harder on each other. Kellyn confessed that at times, she can be a little too harsh with her sister.

Kerstyn said, “We play really hard against each other and we are pretty competitive when we have to play one another.”

Even though they fight like all normal sisters and enjoy sisterly competition, they both consider themselves best friends.

“She will always back me up, and I will always back her up,” said Kerstyn.

Teammates Brause and Jenn Davis have noticed the love-hate relationship the twins share, but say that it does not affect the way they play.

“They are both amazing players and they know the game well,” Brause said. “They bring a lot of heart and soul into the game.”

Both girls work hard and do what they can to improve their skills. This past summer they had the chance to play on the Colorado Rush club team, which won first place in the Amateur Athletic Union national championship.

Unfortunately, Kellyn suffered a sprained ankle, but was still there to support the team and her sister.

They both felt it was one of the best experiences of their lives and it was a great honor to be part of a team that had the ability and determination to win such an amazing title. Even though they are now national champions, the Farrells are still willing to work hard for SDSU’s soccer team.

“We want our team to do well and have other teams respect us as a good Division-I team,” said Kerstyn.

“We want to change what people think of us,” said Kellyn. “We want to send a message that says ‘Hey, we’re here.'”

Coach Wedemeyer has seen the girls’ confidence improve since last season and is glad to have their quickness and ability. Their teammates also agree that they have progressed in handling and passing the ball.

“[Kerstyn] has made a lot of improvements as an outside defender and Kellyn keeps working hard to be a threat up front,” Brause said.

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