Dishsoap strike kills fish

Ashley Harkness

Ashley Harkness

Mathews Hall is on the hunt for an assassin – a fish assassin that is.

“Our lobby is not as lifeful without the fish there. We care about fish,” said Eric Hanson, an electric engineering and engineering physics sophomore.

Sometime in the early evening of Sept. 14, someone put dish soap in the Honors College fish tank, located in Mathews Hall. Five of the six fish in tank were slain. The fish that narrowly survived was being borrowed by Brown Hall on the night of the attacks.

“It was a wide variety of exotic but common-looking fish,” Hanson said.

Chris Daugaard, a Learning Living Community Coordinator on the honors floor in Mathews Hall, said many residents don’t think the murders were that funny.

“It was more of an uproar of why people would do this in general,” he said.

Soon after the tragedy, posters covered the hall to unmask the slayer. While there is no set punishment for slaughtering fish at SDSU, there is a $10-Hobo Dough reward for anyone who catches the attacker.

The Honors College didn’t realize the fish belonged to the organization until after the attacks, Daugaard said. The fish tank had previously been in Pierson until this year. When the floor moved to Mathews, so did the fish.

Although the Honors College owns the water creatures, the Mathews Hall Government feeds and maintains them. So the hall government decided to replace the fish and the tank’s filter.

Daugaard said the Honors College plans to secure the replacement fish several ways. Members will move the tank closer the front desk and put a lock on its lid.

Anyone with information about the assassin should talk to Misty Archer, residence hall director for Mathews, or contact the front desk or any resident assistant at Mathews.

#1.884224:1607854928.jpg:wanted02gray.jpg:A wanted poster offers a $10 reward for information leading to the fish killer(s).: