Students can chill, play pool at Hobo Hangout

Lesa Jarding

Lesa Jarding

If you live on campus and are looking for a place to spend some time away from your textbooks and classes, the Hobo Hangout may be the place to go.

Located in the lower level of Pierson Hall, the large open area offers students the chance to watch TV, play some pool or just hang out with friends. Snacks are also available for student to enjoy.

Pierson Residence Hall Director Joseph Cooper said the hangout is a great place for students to get away.

“It’s on campus, students don’t have to travel too far and it’s a safe place to be,” he said.

Last spring, a group of students approached Residential Life Director Mike Kervin and asked to use the open space. They wanted to create a place for students to hang out.

Kervin said he couldn’t say no to the opportunity.

“It’s a great idea, it’s in a central location and it works for students, they may not know about it now but hopefully they’ll hear about it soon,” he said.

The Hobo Hangout is open Wednesdays through Saturdays from 7 p.m. to midnight. Students are asked to bring their student ID cards if they plan to rent any equipment or play any of the games in the area.

If your group is interesting in renting a space in the Hangout, contact Cooper at 688-4416.

#1.884074:2250990039.JPG:Image: Students can chill, play pool at Hobo Hangout:Students have a new place to chill: Hobo Hangout in the basement of Pierson Hall. Pool, darts, foosball and snacks are available.: