Pooba coordinates grand event

Denise Watt

Denise Watt

Name: Sarah Renee French

Hometown: Rapid City

Major: Fourth-year advertising

Past University Program Council involvement: This is my third year on UPC. My first year I was the community service coordinator and helped out with Hobos “Can” Do It and Hobos vs. Hunger during Hobo Days. Last year, I was the showcase coordinator and was in charge of Cavorts. Both years, I was in the Pride of the Dakotas, and so I helped before and after the parade, but during it, I was always marching with the band.

How were you chosen Grand Pooba? The Grand Pooba is a position on the University Program Council. UPC accepts applications in the spring for any coordinator position. Among other things, they look for past experience (i.e., if someone was committee member).

I was selected for this position last spring. I just had to fill out a returner application, go through an interview and I was chosen. Again, the same goes for any of the other nine positions on the board.

What are your thoughts about being Grand Pooba? Excited. That is the first word that comes to mind when I describe my thoughts and feelings about being Grand Pooba. I am also honored as the one who is in charge of “the biggest one-day event in the Dakotas.” I am also very lucky to have this role during President Peggy Miller’s last year at SDSU. It just won’t ever be the same without her.

What has been the best part of your job so far? The best part of the job so far was when a few committee members and I dressed up as hobos and sold Hobo Day buttons at the Beef Bowl. It was fun to talk with alumni and hear about their Hobo Day experiences.

What about the worst, or most challenging, part? The most challenging part of this experience is trying to balance school, work, UPC and me time. But it’s worth it!!

What are you looking forward to most? I think that “Hobos on the Prairie” will be a huge success. Students are encouraged to dress up like prairie/cowboy folk. The theme was chosen in conjunction with the 125th anniversary of SDSU. I think that the theme represents SDSU at that time.

I am so much looking forward to everything this week. I am so excited for everything to work out. From the beginning of the Jackrabbit Rally, to the end of the football game and everything in between. This is going to be a very memorable Hobo Days and a great time “to be a Jackrabbit!”

#1.884147:3425313533.JPG:GrandPooba01.JPG:Sarah French, 2006 Grand Pooba:Courtney Smith