Peggy’s last ride

Holly Farris

Holly Farris

Hobo Day Week at SDSU observes old traditions while starting new ones. While President Peggy Miller readies herself for the next phase of her life beyond SDSU, she also has many fond memories of all the hobos that have come and gone during her tenure.

This Hobo Day, Miller’s ninth as SDSU’s leader, is also her last as president. The last nine years have given her some great memories, like her favorite Hobo Day theme, “Camelot” in 2000. “Camelot” also produced one of Miller’s favorite Hobo Day memories, a float decorated to coincide with the theme.

“I still laugh about the float that was a truck bed covered in artificial grass and there was a cardboard camel standing on it,” Miller said. “The sign said ‘Camel Lot.'”

When Miller first arrived at SDSU, she enjoyed the different events of Hobo Week and the number of students that participated. Miller was also impressed that students organized all of the events.

“Of course, it is pretty well-known that I think SDSU students do everything well, but this is a large undertaking, and I was very proud,” said Miller.

This year’s Grand Pooba Sarah French said she definitely felt Miller’s pride in the students and the school while going through Hobo Day preparations. Miller attends as many of the week’s events as she can, said French, and she goes through the parade last instead of first in order to support the participants throughout the route.

Overall, French said, Miller is very supportive and passes her enthusiasm for SDSU on to students, showing them that even faculty members can “hang out with hobos.”

Kasey Bickel, Grand Pooba in 2004 and 2005, had similar experiences during her years working on Hobo Day. She doesn’t know much about the new president, but Miller will be “hard to top,” Bickel said.

“You couldn’t ask for more school spirit,” said Bickel. “She [Miller] fully understands the traditions behind Hobo Day and goes above and beyond to make sure the Hobo Day Committee is excited for the week’s events and the parade.”

Miller is always a good sport, Bickel said, from wearing the construction helmet given to her during 2004’s Hobo Day “Hobos Under Construction” to hosting a meal for the Hobo Day Committee during Hobo Week.

“On a scale of one to ten, President Miller rocks,” Bickel said.

As for the students of SDSU, Miller hopes they will remember that Hobo Week is a great chance to have fun on campus and do things with fellow students.

“Of course, I also hope they will remember that they didn’t get into any trouble!” said Miller.

In the future, Miller plans to return for the annual Hobo Day celebrations in Brookings. What will she miss most?

“I hope I won’t have to miss anything since I plan to come to all of them,” she said.

#1.884151:3490058064.jpg:Miller 2005.jpg:President Peggy Gordon Miller shows off her Hobo Day spirit in this photo from the 2005 Hobo Day Parade.: