From the Left: War on Terror

Justin Goetz

Justin Goetz

The Bush Administration supposedly holds terrorism as its first priority. Yet, with all the rhetoric used by the Administration, it can only prove “success” by stating “the homeland hasn’t been attacked since 9/11.”

Let’s put this statement into context. It took eight years for al-Qaeda to plan two attacks on America. It took al-Qaeda only five years post-9/11 before the London plot to explode eleven planes over the Atlantic was crafted, and then we were only saved because the British had superior intelligence assets.

If anything, the attacks are getting more elaborate and frequent. For 2005, the National Counter-Terrorism Center held that over 11,000 attacks occurred worldwide. Added to this is an April 2006 State Department report, which depicted Iraq as a “breeding ground for terrorists.” Iraq has caused us to lose focus on Afghanistan, leading to a resurgent Taliban-so much so that Republican Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist stated that Afghanistan cannot be won militarily but only by “incorporating the Taliban into the government.” The Republican leader in the Senate giving up against the only “government” that could be linked to 9/11? Wow.

Here is the Democratic plan. Invest more in human intelligence. Develop military resources that are mobile enough to respond to terrorist flare-ups worldwide. Develop benchmarks for Iraq withdrawal. Invest money to protect our ports, power plants and chemical factories.

Finally, one fights an ideological war with ideas. Ideas like giving Middle-Easterners more of a stake in modern society through the funding of microfinancial institutions for business start-ups. Also, invite more Middle Eastern youth to study in the U.S. for a solid education and greater appreciation of America.

These aren’t all the answers, but they might help the “Great Satan” smell a little less sulfuric in the Muslim World.

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