In the Middle: Activist Judges

Jeremy Fugleberg

Jeremy Fugleberg

The activist judge issue is a complete load of hooey.

And I’m not saying that because I’m a liberal whacko, although I’m sure I’ll get accused of being such.

Look, it’s just plain common sense. Not everyone one is going to like every judicial decision.

It’s easy to hate old, shriveled-up folks who wear dorky robes and get to make big decisions until they retire or die.

Elizabeth makes it sound like the Right is fighting a desperate battle against evil liberals dressed in judicial black and dedicated to the destruction of all that is good, holy and Republican.

But the last time I checked, Republicans across the country were cheering on Roy Moore. He’s the former judge in Arkansas who tried to make a name for himself by putting a big ol’ Ten Commandments in the lobby of his court house.

Now that is an activist judge.

The Right is losing the minds of middle-ground Americans, not court battles.

And the Left isn’t exactly swaying anyone by giggling behind the judge’s bench.

Justin kills his point a bit by ramping off Brown v. Board of Education. If he’s so intent on arguing the importance of precedent, the Brown case destroys his logic. Just because both sides like it now, doesn’t mean it wasn’t judicial activism at the time.

I’d like to think, though, that that was an extreme situation dealing with an extreme injustice.

Bottom line: The Right needs to stop bawling every time a judge decides against your ideas.

The Left needs to stop cackling about decisions that go their way – it may not always be so.

Both sides need to grow up and start convincing me why they’re correct in the stances they take on the issues.

Less whining, please.

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