Fight Night Photos and Results!

Brian Kimmes

Brian Kimmes

The upshot:

Over 500 people watched 30 fighters smash and bash their way to a championship at the Swiftel Center

Fight night has been in brookings once before and will return Nov. 5

Quick and dirty Fight Night facts – Fighters had to be amateurs – no more than ten fights ever.

– Six weight classes: light, middle and heavy for men; light and welter for women.

– 26 men, 4 women entered the competition.

– Each weigh class winner received a prize, either $150 or $50 and a championship belt.

– Each match had three1 minute rounds.

– The winner of the round gets 10 points and the loser of the round will get 8 points if he or she is knocked down and 9 points if he or she stays standing the whole round.

– 11 girls participated in the card-girl contest. The winner received $50.

– Knockoutevents travels all across the country putting on shows. They’ve been to 10 different states and 65 cities.

– Fight Night has made other stops in South Dakota, appearing in Aberdeen, Huron and Watertown. It will be in Vermillion in October.

Fight Night Champions

Men: Cameron Johnson – Lightweight division

Alex Augustad – Middleweight division

Eric DeWaard – Heavyweight division

Women: Sunshine Garcia – Lightweight division

Stephanie Bliss – Welterweight division

Lindsey Nelson – Card girl contest

#1.885921:1246555315.jpg:fightnightwoman.jpg:Eventual women’s welterweight champion Stephanie Bliss lands a glancing blow on an early opponent. “I had a lot of fun. I would never do it again,” Bliss says.:Jerry Smith#1.885920:1691936125.jpg:fightnightjoedirtswings.jpg:”Joe Dirt” swings wildly at his opponent. He won the round, but dropped out of the next. :Jerry Smith#1.885919:1417556794.jpg:fightnightcrowd.jpg:The crowd gets into it, cheering and booing as they egg on the fighters at Fight Night. There was an estimated 500 people in attendence at the competition.:Jerry Smith#1.885918:1364863793.jpg:fightnight1cover.jpg:A tired fighter listens to advice from friends as he takes a breather in his corner between rounds.:Jerry Smith