Falling for a brown-haired American girl at The Union

Eric Ariel Salas

Eric Ariel Salas

What’s wrong with him? What’s with that slight cacophony in the way he moves nowadays? Every day, he senses a lovey-dovey cadence of delight he only felt in the comfort of a swing in the backyard back home.

He is the composed gentleman. He is acutely aware that he is, at this moment, engaging in a world he never existed in so well. As you are about to read, he is on his way to dipping his toes into the relationship puddle after a significant bout of solitude.

It’s all because of Miss Eve. His heart has been lying dead for the past months. He could describe it as an organ that had lost its joie de vivre, the strength to possess that capacity to love. Yet, here comes Eve, pricks it with her smile and intoxicating giggles and a hip that sways to a rhythm she alone can create, and, without further elucidation, his heart realizes that there is life after death.

Therefore, as he sees it, it began for both of them. Him and Eve, the girl he secretly admires (or maybe salivates over is the right phrase) at the Student Union during lunchtime. In between the eating and the sipping is her face, beautifully carved at the forefront of his imagination whenever he fails to see her. But the times she is in, his world suddenly stops revolving and he thinks of a zillion what-ifs and how-tos. Her long, dark-brownish hair tempts him. Her round, stunningly-pretty eyes speak “come to me.” Every exquisite moment that goes by further consolidates her conquest over him.

He never made any authentic plan of finding her since he considers himself one of those individuals who finds pleasure living alone. Aloneness allows his artistic self to transpire. He is one guy who loves the fruit and the liberty of having no one to attend to in his life. However, there are flashing moments when the stillness and the breathing space that he wants could not just be purely his.

He never thought Eve could become his sweet Helen, who could push him to launch his thousand ideals to the extremities of nowhere. Eve is making him slowly surrender the sugary and harmless comfort of existing alone.

She is the reason of the engaging smile he wears and the benevolent mood he has each day. Honestly, it is hardly his doing to ask American girls for a date because he always falls short of the height requirement. Moreover, he isn’t a veteran when it comes to extracurricular rendezvous. Eve, though, makes him think otherwise.

The last time he saw her at the Student Union, she was with a guy. The incident left the composed gentleman standing motionless for some time. It was as if she just served him a whack full in the face. Oh yeah, so supersonic was the blow, so extreme, he heard the echo of it ping at the back of his head. But, as his heart strongly dictates, that would not stop him from falling for her.

He is not certain when or where their roads will finally, truly, entangle. He is very assured, though, Eve is going to arrive at a moment when she will feel her heart jumping purposely, crazily, to let him in.